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In today's fast moving world, we appreciate that weekends are precious, and commitment to family, friends and home are priority. A weekly game of golf seems a luxury to many.

So, we have introduced a Green Fee Loyalty Package for golfers up to 40 years old, to suit your time and financial commitments.

For an annual fee of £400, compared to a 7-day membership of £850, you can play Monday to Friday, and Saturday after 12 noon.

Worked on a loyalty system with a starting credit of 400 points, a Saturday game will be 20 credits, which equates to £20 a game, compared to a £25 green fee. Should you find time to play during the week, 10 credits would be deducted instead of a £15 green fee. All credits would have to be used within a 12-month period, but they can be topped up before then.

The Green Fee Loyalty Package includes green fees and access to club social events (additional fees may apply), but excludes entry to club golf competitions.  

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest Club around, and this reputation has attracted many members over the years.

To hear more about our Green Fee Loyalty Package, contact us on 020 8946 7571 or



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