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Performance Centre

Experience our state-of-the-art indoor performance centre

Indoor Golf Performance Centre Just 8-Miles From Central London

Our fully updated Performance Centre offers a state of the art indoor training facility where all aspects of your golf can be filmed, measured, and analysed using high speed video and 3D sensors, with an advanced system used by the world's leading tour professionals.

Whether you need help with your putting, chipping, pitching, approach shots or off the tee, the studio has all the feedback to ensure you develop your golf and improve your golf scores.

Analysis Features

The Wimbledon Common Golf Club Performance Centre with professional Charles Sandison-Woods features:

Trackman 4 digital analysis measuring club delivery, launch, ball flight and landing for shots from 6ft up to 400 yards. Trackman provides key performance variables including club head speed, spin rates, smash factor, dynamic loft, spin loft, carry distances, total roll out yardages, launch angle, ball speed, club path, face angle to name a few.

The Hackmotion wrist sensor measures in 3D how the lead wrist behaves and moves in the golf swing from putting through to full swing. Biofeedback with musical tones helps establish specific ranges of movement to improve technically. Clients have noted the increased awareness in their own body and speed with which they can make positive changes to their golf in a short period of time using Hackmotion.

GASP Video Motion Capture Software is at the forefront of golf swing analysis chosen by the leading PGA’s around the world. Offering the client multiple different angles with which to view their golf swing in slow motion, whilst utilising specific drawing tools, to combine live video footage with ball flight data to highlight specific technical improvements.

SamPutt Lab (Science And Motion Sports) has been the pioneering research tool used to develop the putting strokes of players around the world for more than a decade. Its developer, Dr. Christian Marquardt, is a movement specialist and putting expert with more than 30 years of academic and practical research. Full player reports accompany all coaching sessions.

Capto is the latest Putting coaching tool to be released into the market offering a versatility of measurable data to putting lessons both indoors and out that is unparalleled. Measuring over 30 parameters providing the coach and client with specific points of reference with which to help a player improve their putting stroke and chances of holing more putts.

Advance Your Golf

Coaching and learning have moved into the modern age combining ‘feels’ with ‘reels’ by monitoring the impact conditions that create your golf shots, that the human eye simply cannot see. The versatility of the Performance Centre allows Charles to monitor your golf both indoors and out, taking your golf swing and putting improvements from the practice environment to the course, where it matters most.

The Performance Centre offers a personable and private learning environment, where our coach Charles Sandison-Woods can design a bespoke improvement plan based around your goals.