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Summer Swindle: Thursday Evenings

After the clocks change, the weather becomes sunny and beautiful, and you can play golf into the evening, that's when the swindle returns to Thursday evenings. Rock up between 4 and 6 pm to our Clubhouse Camp Road, starting Thursday, 25th April, 2019!Summer Golfers

What is a Swindle???

Roll up between the designated times to the WCGC Clubhouse in Camp Road.

Play the WCGC first 10 holes. See the Course Overview for more info.

£4 members, £10 guests — Green Fees welcome.

No handicap required. The Swindle Master or Mistress for the day will assign you a handicap.

Play off the 10-hole score card with adjusted Stroke Indices. Stableford scoring. Turn in your card at the end and you could win cash prizes! Play each week the swindle is held, if you can. And enjoy an end of season swindle party!

Paul Willatts with CameraCome and see us at WCGC! Look for Swindle Master Paul Willatts.

Friday Fling Winter Swindle Ends with Merriment and Prize Giving

The Friday Fling Winter Swindle for 2018-19 concluded with a grey but pleasant day for 33 participants playing 10 holes of golf on Wimbledon Common, followed by much merriment in the clubhouse at the End of Winter party. Swindle Master Paul Willatts flung the prizes for the day's competition and for the season overall. Pictured left-to-right:

  • Brian Jackson: co-winner of the final fling.
  • Roger Tarling: most attendances of the season.
  • Dave Harnden: third place for the season.
  • Mike Hickson: biggest discrepancy between games: 27 points in one and 10 points in another.
  • Ned Gaffney: Player of the Year. Say no more! ("Only 360 days before Paddy's Day")
  • Maggie Harris: co-runner-up in the final fling.
  • Stephen Aldred: co-winner of the final fling.
  • David Griffith: Mr. Consistency for the season.

Winter 2019 Winners

Not captured in photo above but winning prizes were:

  • Jackie Reiss: Leading Lady: most attending and most points-winning.
  • Rob Howley: runner up for the season.
  • Martha Hernandez: co-runner-up of the final fling.

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