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Summer Evening Foursomes 2019

Match Play foursomes. Half the difference of combined handicaps. Ladies add three shots to their handicaps before calculations and play from men's card.  Men play from WHITE TEES; Ladies from RED DISCS.  Players in bold to initiate match date. 

Round 1
To be played by:
6th June
Jane Britton & Madge Corbitt
Roger Tarling & Chris James
Andy Simpson & Kate Simpson
Phil deBay & Anita Hamilton
Martin Finn & Gordon Tibos
Merlyn Law & Maggie Harris
Liz deBay & Roger Frew
Jonh Kendall & Andy Coghill
Paul Clarke & Simon James
San Deenadayal & David williams
Michael Collins & Alan Blower
Jackie Reiss & Morag Nicholson
Round 2
To be played by:
10th July
Dwight Lindo & John Kennedy
Andrew Zoltowski & Jon Fayle
Richard Lennard & Richard Belsey
John Harrington & Andy Ryan
John Gannon & Freddie Gannon
Stephen Aldred & John Fitch
John Custance & Tony Cervera-Jackson
Jez Warren & Glencora Senior
Ned Gaffney & Liam Russell
Adrian Mullen & Pat Donaghy
To be played by:
14th August
To be played by:
14th September
To be played by:
18th October