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Four gentlemen golfers

Learn Golf by Playing Golf!

Join our exciting new programme with other likeminded golfers all keen to improve their golf whilst enjoying a round of golf.
We will be covering all individual aspects that crop up as you play, so you have your fears, trouble shots and frustrating moments answered immediately.
Golf will become less of a powerless wonderment and more of a game to be enjoyed with your friends.
The final week will see the group mixed with the Professional and senior members in a social informal competition.

  • Join a group of 4 students for an intensive Back to Golf refresher course with our Professional for only £250.

Includes 4 lessons of 2 hours each over a 4-week period. Lessons will be arranged for week days.

  • Women and men.
  • Must have played golf before.
  • Equipment can be provided.
  • All students must wear a pillarbox red top or one can be provided by the club.

Lessons from our WCGC Clubhouse in Camp Road.

Call 020 8946 7571 or email office@wcgc.co.uk to enquire or enroll!

Swindlers 11 May 2017