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The Return of Competitive Golf

We have exciting news!! Competitions will start up again from the beginning of July! Kicking things off will be the Ladies July Monthly Medal on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th July and the Men's July Monthly Medal on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July. Supplementary scores can be submitted too.

No Exchanging of Scorecards

We will have to do things a little differently to conform with covid-19 guidelines and ensure both the players and staff are safe. This means that players will not be allowed to exchange scorecards. Scorecards will not be handed in for a member of staff to sift through and the touchscreen in the clubhouse will still be off limits. Fortunately we have been given the tools to work around these restrictions. You can keep track of your own score with a scorecard but you must not exchange cards with people from outside your own household.

Competition Sign in and Score Entry

Players will be able to sign in and enter scores after their round using howdidido. This can be done on your phone using the howdidido app or on the internet using your computer at home. To do this you log into your  howdidido account and go to 'Today's golf' in the menu at the top of the page. Here you will have options to sign in and enter scores. Obviously you sign in before your round and enter your score afterwards. Score entry is done hole-by-hole by pressing the + and - buttons to either increase or decrease your score. Please make sure you submit your score after you've done all 18 holes. We ask that you try and do this on the same day that you've played so we can close competitions and update handicaps as soon as possible. 

Signing up for howdidido

If you haven't already, you will need to sign up for howdidido. This is different to the Clubv1 members hub, although it is run by the same company so everything will be linked. 

You must have a handicap to sign up. If you don't have a handicap, skip to the supplementary card section of this email.

If you don't have access to howdidido

If you are unable to access howdidido, we have alternative ways in which you can enter and submit your scores.
You may confirm your entry into the competition via email before teeing off.
You may also send your score to us via email after your round.
If you don't have email you can tell us your scores over the phone.
If you have to email or call us you must do so between 08:00 - 12:00 on Monday morning as I will be processing the results on Monday afternoons.
This option is only for those who literally don't have the means to access howdidido. Emma and I don't have time to spend all morning inputting scores for people so please make sure, if you can, that you are signed up to howdidido and familiar with the process before entering competitions.

Supplementary Cards

We have quite a few new members who I'm sure are keen to obtain a handicap by handing in three 18 hole scorecards and take part in club competitions. You need a handicap to sign up for howdidido so please send us your supplementary cards by email. You must signal your intent to do a supplementary card to us in the office before teeing off. This can be done by email. When on the course, you must play off the white tees (men) or red tees (ladies) and play with a member when doing a card for handicap and we will ask them to verify your score.

For members who already have a handicap and wish to hand in a supplementary card, please also do this over email initially. Howdidido will be issuing an update in July that will enable you to submit supplementary cards online. I will notify you when this happens.