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Inter-Club Competitions

Men's Annodata Competition
Men's team advances in the Annodata competition Find out more
Druce trophy 2019 Result
Ladies 13th of 60 teams at annual competition Find out more
Ladies Team Challenge 2019
Annual event benefits Lady Captain's Charity Find out more
Kelso Hamilton 2019
Kelso Hamilton: Both WCGC men's teams win first and second round matches; knocked out in third round. Find out more
Gordon Forster Bowl 2019
WCGC fields two men's teams in 2019 Gordon Forster Bowl Find out more
Pearson Trophy 2019
WCGC Ladies made it to Round 2 in Pearson Trophy, Group 2, Surrey Division but fell to Foxhills in April Find out more
Ladies win Mary Forster Bowl 2018
Ladies 'Green' Team victorious at Cherwell Edge Golf Club in Oxfordshire Find out more
Captains Charity Day 2018
Captains' Charity Day 2018, Saturday 28th July, raised more than £5,000 for REAdY charity, helping young people with disabilities take part in sport. Find out more