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Merlyn Law at Club Championships 2018WCGC loss to Foxhills

The WCGC Ladies lost their away match at Foxhills Golf Club on Tuesday, 2nd April, concluding their spectacular run in the Pearson Trophy Surrey Cup for 2019. Many thanks to Foxhills for great competition and fantastic tea afterwards!

Ladies Win their First-Ever Round 2 Pearson Trophy Match

The WCGC ladies' team were pleased to record a home win of 4-3 in the first leg of the second round of the Pearson Trophy, versus Foxhills Golf Club. Foxhills won the Pearson Trophy Surrey Cup Final in 2018.

The away match at Foxhills is scheduled for Tuesday, 2nd April.

Watch the SLCGA website for Pearson Trophy/Surrey Cup progress and other club results for the second round draw.

Ladies Advance to Pearson Trophy Round 2

The WCGC Ladies won their 4th Pearson Trophy Surrey division match with a 4-3 victory at home over Bletchingley's ladies on 21st January 2019, which followed wins over Group 2 opponents Betchworth Park and Limpsfield Chart as well. The Group 2 match results are now all in, and the ladies have qualified for the second round. This is the seventh year the ladies have competed in the Pearson, and the first time the ladies have advanced to Round 2. See all of the Round 1 results here.

The team will play two matches in Round 2, one home and one away versus Foxhills Golf Club, in late March and early April.

Pearson Trophy Format

Seven ladies play each match, drawn from a pool of team members captained by Merlyn Law. Ladies must have handicaps of 13 to 32, with matches played off full handicap. Each team plays one match at home and one match away against each team in their Group. Each lady plays individual matchplay against their designated lady opponent on the day. 

Pearson Competitors 2019

Pearson Trophy Surrey Cup competitors from Wimbledon Common Golf Club include (pictured left-to-right): Maggie Harris, Madge Corbitt, Anita Hamilton, Janice Brackenridge, Deborah Smith, Jane Britton, Liz de Bay, Pearson Captain Merlyn Law, Valerie Ghent, Morag Nicolson, and Jackie Reiss. Also playing or alternate this year (not pictured) are Virginia Marin, Glencora Señor, Shirley Tilley, and Carole Munn.

Pearson Ladies 2019