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PGA Professional

Head Golf Professional: Charles Sandison-Woods (Charlie)

Charlie Drives

What does a lesson with CSW Golf look like?

Starting point: My lesson begins with an informal chat about what you’d like to achieve and over what timeframe.


For golfers:  a complete assessment of your golf style, to create a tailor-made programme unique to you.

For beginners: a clear and concise guide to learning the game, with step by step help.

Lesson conclusion: Each lesson ends with a recap of the key learning points of the session, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what has been discussed so you can leave with confidence.  

Your individual programme will be designed to maximise your potential to be a great golfer!

My passion for coaching

Coaching offers me a chance to explore all aspects of this wonderful sport and I get great pleasure helping others create a strategy to realise their full potential.

I look forward to being part of this club and encouraging newcomers.

Modern techniques

I have studied and worked with many of the world’s experts in sports science and coaching.

I currently teach golfers of all ages both male and female, as well as all squads within Middlesex County Golf Union and Regional England Girls’ Squads.

All my lessons utilise the latest coaching technology and are at the forefront of learning and performance.

How to book a lesson?

Please contact Charles Sandison-Woods directly to arrange a lesson--availability Monday - Saturday.

Mobile: 074 7863 6655

Email: cswgolf@outlook.com

Website: CSW Golf

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Contact Us
Contact Charles Sandison-Woods to arrange a lesson. Mobile: 074 7863 6655 Email: cswgolf@outlook.com Website: www.cswgolf.com